puts all the awesome power of Insty
in the comfort of your desktop.

Every successful business needs to be easy and efficient to run. There’s a reason they’re called ‘organizations,’ right?

But when you’ve got multiple bookmarks, tabs, websites, passwords, and services that need managing all at the same time…

… it’s no wonder most online entrepreneurs encounter massive slow down and unnecessary distractions that lead to mistakes, lost business and countless hours of precious time—wasted.

Insty App puts EVERYTHING in one place, under one password, on the comfort, safety and speed on your desktop.

One Simple App. Every Insty Feature.

Comprehensive one-stop site management:

Update your site, access your WordPress dashboard and get into cPanel all from one dashboard. No more crowds of tabs clogging up your browser – it’s all in one place, just one click away.

Full Wordpress Tools:

Log in in a single click, and create posts and pages for your Insty Sites without leaving your desktop.

Incredible Amazon Affiliate Tools:

The software’s built-in advertising module lets you put up ads in seconds. Just tell the software what Amazon product you want to promote and click the button – your affiliate ID will be added automatically and the formatting will be perfect—

Multiple Amazon IDs:

Running more than one Amazon Account? No problem. Insty App automatically recognizes the sites your IDs are linked to and add the correct Affiliate ID!

One-click Access To Insty Forms

Insty App is fully integrated with Insty Forms for no hassle opt-ins. Simply add them to any post or page with a single click, and they’ll automatically be wired in to your autoresponder!

Instant access to your site hosting:

Endless log-ins and waiting on slow-loading sites is a thing of the past. Just hit the button, and you’ll be inside cPanel in a few seconds.

One-Click Youtube Videos:

Insty App allows you to search and add Youtube videos in a single click. You can even choose the size and style to match your site.

Insty Browser:

Insty App runs uses it’s own, dedicated, lightening-fast browser so you can blast through content curation tasks without any distraction.

Awesome NATIVE Pixlr System

We’ve managed to build in the incredibly powerful Pixlr system directly into Insty App. Which means you can now edit images like photoshop, save them direct to Wordpress, use them, and even AUTO-upload them directly from inside the Insty App dashboard.

100% Mac & PC compatible.

Wherever you are, whatever machine you’re on, Insty App can be relied on to run smoothly—no matter what.


Basically, the app lets you do everything you’d normally have to log in online for. It means your cPanel, Wordpress, and all the great Insty Hybird Hosting features can be accessed from the comfort of your desktop.
Yes, but you don’t need to be distracted by everything ELSE that’s online when you’re trying to grow your business, and you don’t need to battle with 23 different passwords, 5 different services, and the slow-loading software of other sites and services. With Insty App you’ve got everything under your control, working fast, smooth and without distraction.
Yes. Insty App is built to be streamlined, and there’s versions for both PC and Mac. Whatever you run, Insty App can work for you.
Yes, perhaps even easier, if that’s possible. Sure, it does more, with the addition of the advertising modules, and the graphical modules, but just like the rest of Insty, we look after our members. We’ve got dedicated support, who know the system inside out, we’ve got a massive knowledge base, and of course… you can access it all from within Insty App!

There’s nothing like it, but you really have to experience it to believe it…

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