Insty Power Cloud Makes
VPS Hosting a Breeze

Often, as your business grows, so do your hosting needs. And if your hosting can’t keep pace you’ll experience slow sites, downtime, and poor user experience. But at Insty.Me, we’ve got your back. Insty Power Clouds provide blazing fast hosting, full root access, and everything else that makes Insty unique.

Blistering Speed

Our Power Clouds are all powered by blazing fast SSD storage drives, and E5 Dual Hex Core processors to ensure your sites load lightening quick.

Rock Solid Reliability

Having an Insty Power Cloud is like having your own cloud server, with root level access. You are safe, secure and in complete control.

Staggering Power

Your Power Cloud scales with your business, letting you host as many sites as you want on your Insty Cloud system.

Super Advanced. Super Easy. Super Insty!

Normally advanced hosting platforms like VPS systems need lots of configuration and complex steps to make them work correctly.

But at Insty we take pride in making tough, 'techy' tasks super easy for you…

And with the Insty Power Clouds, we've taken a GIANT step forward.The result is a superior system that gives you blistering speed, rock solid reliability, and staggering power… without any technical knowhow at all.

Power Cloud Security & Network Safeguarding

We use INDUSTRY FIRST security blocking algorithms to protect against brute force and security threats. PLUS, we write our own IP blocking scripts AND maintain industry standard firewalls.


We offer scalable resources across 3 levels of power cloud. It’s easy to set up your hosting environment to be sure you’ve ALWAYS got the resources needed to get the job done.

Upgrade, Downgrade, Or Cancel

You can upgrade downgrade, or cancel your power cloud at anytime with a simple communication to our support.

Free Transfers/Migration

Transferring your sites from one host to another can be an expensive, time-consuming, complicated task. But at Insty, we’re happy to manage the whole process for you. The best bit is, it’s FAST, EASY and it’s completely FREE of charge*

Exclusive FREE Insty Tools

Quite possibly the only thing that make our power clouds, more powerful, and more efficient is Insty’s unique tools. (Insty Mailer, Insty Sites, Insty Forms, Insty App)

First Class Hardware

Our power clouds are powered by state of the art SSD storage drives, and Dual Hex Core processors and operate across world class datacenters

Data Centers

Our Tier 1 Data Centers are the best in the world. Including 2 that are major Amazon data centers, so you can be confident the on-site security is the best there is.

Cpanel & WHM

cPanel and WHM are available for your Power Cloud system. So you’ll always have complete control of your VPS system.


Yes, standard Insty Hosting is shared hosting on our carefully monitored servers. You still get access to world class hardware, but as your website requirements grow, you need to be able to scale the resources that keep your sites running smoothly.

That’s where power cloud comes in. You get a huge bump in power, speed and stability by having your own dedicated server. And you have root level access so you can ensure you’ve always got the resources you need to run your websites smoothly.
Yes, the SSD storage drives and Dual Hex Core processors powering Insty Power Clouds compete with the very best.

However, what we can say, is that NO OTHER cloud hosting provider can match Insty for our built in email platform, our site builder, our form builder and our desktop app.

Not only are we the only company to offer these tools, they save you thousands every year. And it goes without saying that our support is the best in the biz, which is especially important when dealing with complex systems like VPS.
Yes! And it’s not even a case of “if you need it”, because we’ll set it all up for you—for FREE.

And that includes website transfers and the migration of your data from one host to another.

Going forwards, as member of the Insty family, if you ever have need a helping hand, we’re their ready to provide it.
Yes, absolutely. The only difference is that your sites will load even faster! That’s the beauty of having everything you need on the Insty platform. It all syncs up perfectly, and of course, you don’t just get support for your hosting, but for every part of your web-business.