The all-new Insty is what happened when we watched the top %1 earners.

As an Insty customer, we put together a special Hybrid pack so you can have everything we EVER offered!


The hybrid account is now closed. Thanks!

Per all the requests, we wanted to keep the hybrid account available after the holidays.  Now, we're needing to move on...

We are making way for our new plans, and creating new videos, and advertisements to get the word out.

The hybrid plan is part of the old system, so we will have to close it down soon.

* NOTE - after it's closed, we will be removing it from our billing system, so there will be no way to add it to a current account anymore. The only way will be to create a new Insty account

We've been hard at work!

Adding TONS more templates, and blocks to the system. Plus many more Niche-specific templates (and we are adding more and more soon).

We have been 'Gearing Up'

We are gearing up for - where we help you build your own recurring business by creating websites for others. (more about that on the next page). As a hybrid user, you will have access to these templates above.

The All-New Insty is here!

Re-built Insty from the ground up after watching the 1% top earners.

#1) A drag and drop system that is marketing and profit focused.

  • Done for you pre-designed blocks
  • Full Website Templates
  • Product Funnel Templates
  • Funnel Page Templates
  • eCommerce
  • Subscriptions
  • Blogging
  • More!

Better integrated marketing tools.

Creating lists and marketing to those lists is now easier than ever!

The Industry Has Never Seen...

A system like ours. A full-featured, marketing first website and funnel creation system. Built from our research of what the top 1% of online earners are doing.

We teach you how the pros do it, except we painstakingly built a system that practically does it all for you.


They are freaking out!

Because Insty has a premium website and funnel builder, AND can use Wordpress in the same domain!

#3) You have the most options at Insty

So you can profit with your websites instead of always 'working' with them.

What do you get in a Hybrid Account?

The best of everything we have ever offered here at Insty.

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Everything in Insty.pages is ENABLED:
    • Unlimited eCommerce products
    • Unlimited Membership Pages
    • Unlimited sub pages
    • Unlimited Blog Posts
    • Unlimited Subscription Plans

Can non-customers get this Hybrid pack?

NO - this is offered to our current Insty customers only.

Starting in October, we positioned Insty around the all-new Insty.pages builder, making it easy for new customers to build websites, funnels, sell products, memberships and more!

With all the new value, we are no longer offering 'unlimited domain' packages.

As a current Insty customer, if you have an 'unlimited' business account, you get to enjoy this special upgrade to your account where you can have the full functioning Insty.pages builder for an unlimited number of your personal domains.

(personal domains only, no client hosting with this offer)

The all-new Insty!

Upgrade your current Insty hosting account to a customer-only Hybrid Account!

Unlimited Domains.

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Blog Posts

Unlimited eCommerce Products

Unlimited Membership Pages

Special One-time - Add Insty Page Builder to your account:


(your personal sites only.  No 3rd party for friends, clients/etc.)

This is a special, one-time upgrade fee to add the Insty Page builder to your current hosting account.  Your hosting account fees will remain the same.

With insty, you can create better websites that sell.

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