Cost Effective, High-Impact Hosting...
Designed For Your Business

When it comes to your web presence, hosting is just the start. So many businesses stop with just a website, and it's a crucial mistake.
Your web presence is much more than just a website. It's a delicate balance between content and communication. In the past, the balance was achieved with many expensive services, with too many working parts.
Which is why we developed high-impact hosting. isn’t just a webhost. It’s not just a lead capture system. It’s not just an e-mail marketing platform.
It’s everything.
This means you’ll never need to manage multiple services with multiple subscriptions again.
Insty puts it all in one place.

High-Impact Hosting
is so much more than those "other guys"...

Six reasons our high-impact hosting
will make your life easier:

Web Hosting that "Just Works"

Best support in the industry.

One-click Site Creation

Email Marketing Built In

Capture Leads - Insty.forms

Our desktop app -

Powerful, Done-For-You Hosting
That “Just Works”

Insty hosting is built around one principle: we stay up.
Our hosting is designed to be so reliable, you can forget about it entirely.
Insty “just works,” even for the most demanding of websites.

Fast, Powerful, Easy to Use

World Class Hosting - Done For You

Free Website Transfers

Unrivaled Customer Support
From The Top…

At Insty, support isn’t something you only get in office hours. We’re here whenever you need us.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or what time of day you need help. You can expect a response within 2 hours – guaranteed.

In fact, we think customer support is so important even Nick, our CEO, takes his turn on the support desk.

That won’t happen on normal hosts. Here, you get looked after.

Create Stunning “Business Ready”
Websites In Minutes

If your business needs a website, you can have one in seconds.

At Insty, we include the best website creation tools in the industry. Whether you want to create a beautiful Wordpress site, or a stand alone website, landing page, or product funnel.

We have what you need, and made it easy for you.

Beautiful Websites In Minutes

100% Wordpress Compatible

Powerful Customization Tools

Want To Switch Your Existing Sites To Insty?

Transferring your sites from one host to another can be an expensive, time-consuming, complicated task. But at Insty, we’re happy to manage the whole process for you.

The best bit is, it’s FAST, EASY and it’s completely FREE of charge*

*Transfer one cPanel to Insty Hosting, or up to 25 cPanels to a multi-client hosting account free of charge.

World Class Email Marketing
Built In

Most hosts just let you set up an e-mail address. comes with a full e-mail marketing system.

Collect leads. Schedule campaigns. Broadcast messages and deals to all your customers at once. Collect stats on who opened and who clicked.

A website is how your business can start.
E-mail marketing is how it grows.

Build Your Brand

World Class Email System

Save Over $2,039 A Year*

NEW! Capture Leads Easily
With Insty Forms…

The most beautiful sign-up forms on the web.

Great-looking capture forms to suit any website. And because they’re built to easily integrate with the InstyMailer, you can connect everything together without needing a PhD in IT.

The Best Forms- Always!

Instant Integration

Free & Exclusive To Insty Members

Control Everything
From Your Desktop

Transform Your Insty Extended Hosting Into A Handy,
All-In-One Business Solution With Insty App

Insty.Me doesn’t just put all your online services in one place.

It lets you control them all from a single dashboard, right on your desktop.

No need for a dozen tabs in your internet browser. Everything is fast, simple and available at your fingertips.

Work From Your Desktop

1-Click Log Ins For All Your Services

Massive Time Saver

What Makes Insty Different?

One word: more.

Insty High-Impact
Website Transfers NO $15-150 per site FREE
Support 24/7 Customer Care 24/7 Premier Care 24/7 Personal Care
Full-Build Site Builder NO NO YES
Lead Capture Forms NO NO YES
Email Marketing NO NO YES
Desktop App NO NO YES
Softaculous SOME YES YES

Get All The Luxury Of Managed Hosting…

Plus ALL The Extras…

While Saving Thousands A Year

Instys high-impact hosting is an incredibly efficient, fully-integrated platform for your web business.

By hosting your sites with us, you’re linking up with a group of people who are ready, able and happy to help you with any technical problems you might encounter.

Plus, having the essential web services you need to run a successful business online, bundled together, and streamlined… saves you a ton of money when compared to getting the services separately.

Save Over $2,039 Per Year!*

By Using Insty Over Other Hosting /Email Marketing Services

  • Other Hosting: $15.99/month**
  • Other Email Marketing: $149/month***
  • Other Lead Capture Form Providers: $29/month****

*Based on a one-year subscription to our most popular Insty Hosting package
** non-introductory hosting prices
*** based on 10k subscribers
**** Based on nearest competitor prices

The Insty Guarantee

14 Days Of Insty For $1. Cancel Anytime. Free Website Transfers.

We think you’ll agree the Insty guarantee is one of the best you’ll see in the industry.

We’ll even take care of your transfers in that time, and help you with ANYTHING you need, so you can experience how much easier, happier and smoother life is as an Insty family member.

And when you consider you can be up and running in a matter of hours (or sooner), you’ve really got nothing to lose.

The Only Hosting Company
You’ll Ever Need.

Start Your Risk Free, 14 Day Trial Today To Experience Life With Insty - A New Class Of Webhosting