Insty is here to make running your business as smooth as possible. And while money isn’t the only thing that greases the wheels… let’s face it, it helps.

That’s why we run one of the most generous partnership programs you’ll ever see.

We’re convinced that after you’ve tried Insty out, you’re going to be recommending us to al your friends and colleagues. And if you’re going to be doing that anyway, we think you should get paid for it.

For everyone you refer, you’ll get 30% of their fee. That means if you refer 3 people, your hosting’s virtually paying for itself. Refer 4, and you’ll have found the only webhost that pays you to use them.

Here’s How It Works

Love Insty

We don’t let just anyone recommend Insty… Only people who use it and love it. If that’s you (and we think it will be) then all you need to do is click a button to become a partner.

Recommend Insty

We make recommending Insty as easy as possible. Yes, there’s training, but honestly, it can be as easy as sharing one of our videos or giving a friend, colleague or client a special link.

Get Rewarded

Here’s where it gets good… for every person who joins you get a 30% commission—every month. Get just 4 people to join the Insty family and you’ve got free hosting and pocket change!

Why Partner With Insty?

(Besides FREE Hosting)

Easy To Promote World Class Service Exceptional Support
We make it easy to promote Insty. Like… really easy. Our promotional material can be shared on social media with a single click, which carries your special ID. If that ‘share’ goes ‘viral’, you may never pay for hosting again. You are only promoting a world class service that you use, love and can be confident in recommending. Anyone who signs up will get the exact same experience. So you can’t lose. As with everything Insty. If you have questions, problems, or any concerns at all we’re only an email, or phone call away. Plus, there’s special training on getting the most out of the partnership program straight away.
Reliable Tracking Huge Commissions Get Paid On Time
Insty has it’s own tracking system, so we always know who is owed what. We offer some of the biggest rewards for being a partner and helping us share Insty with the world. As an Insty member it simply isn’t possible that you won’t get paid on time, every time because you’re already a valued customer


Yes, if you love Insty, and you are in a position to recommend us to friends, colleagues or clients then you should consider becoming a partner.
Each referral payment has a waiting period of 60 days. This is to make sure you don’t need to worry about any refunds – everything you get paid is yours to keep.
When you sign up to the Insty Partner Program, you’ll be given a special link that’s unique to you. Any time someone buys using that link, we’ll know you’ve made a sale, and you’ll get a credit on your account. You'll be able to see all the action in the affiliates section in your client area.
Yes, after the initial 60 day waiting period, your affiliate account will accrue new commissions every month as long as the referral is an active Insty customer.
We like to make sure all referrals are genuine, so at the moment the Insty Partner Program is only available to Insty customers.
No, there’s no commitment here. Some people spend a lot of time promoting Insty and can make thousands in commission every month, but as an Insty Partner you can do as much or as little as you like. For most members, it’s just away to earn a bit of extra cash by mentioning Insty to other entrepreneurs at their local business breakfast. The way we see it, if you’d be recommending Insty anyway, you may as well get paid for it.
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