Web hosting with relevant tools and caring support.

We love helping you create a web presence that wins.

Rest easy.
You'll have 100% above-and-beyond support behind you.

You won't have to struggle and you'll never get 'stuck'.

We do things other hosting companies would never think of:

  • Helping you get more leads from your website - check
  • Helping you optimize your site for better rankings and more traffic - check
  • Helping you create a landing page that'll convert visitors into customers - check

We believe amazing support is one of the most important parts of your online business. We aim to provide help whenever you need it, and guidance whenever you want it.

We’re always on-call, and we speak in plain English.  And that’s a promise.

“The customer care is by far the most personable, quick, helpful and supportive that I have experienced in my 14 yrs of running online businesses."

- Daryl A.


We have the relevant tools to create a winning web presence.

You need more than web hosting to win online.

You’ll need ultra fast hosting to make your sites look and feel professional.  You need sales and landing pages to turn visitors into customers. You need email marketing to build your following and grow faster than ever.

You’d think there’d be a service where you can get all of them set up for you instantly, all in one package.

Welcome to insty.


Ultra Fast Website Hosting

Drag & Drop Landing Page & Site Builder

Advanced, Easy Email Marketing


The 'old-school' hosting problem: second-place from the start.

'Normal' hosting is plagued with problems from the start.  Second-rate technology and virtually non-existent support leaves you fending for yourself, grasping at straws trying to figure out how to optimize your site.

Unfortunately, a poor site experience can virtually destroy your reputation in Google's eyes.

Slow site, angry customers, less traffic and less money.  It's just not worth it.

Your content is the highest quality - are you sure your web host is?

*Company names, logos, and trademarks are the trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective companies.  We are not affiliated with any of the companies listed in our comparison.

Page speed test results reflect respective company homepage scores run on April 9th, 2019.



Super-fast hosting you can actually build a business on.

We understand that you pour your blood, sweat and tears into your website, so we're going to make sure the world sees it.

VIDEO - click above to see how Google rates a brand new Wordpress install on our servers.


Sturdy and simple. Wordpress hosting with a competitive edge.


  • Fully optimized for incredible speed
  • Worry-free backups and restores
  • We've got your back with Wordpress too.  We're ready to help.
  • One-click simple installs
  • Update your site in minutes:  add posts and pages direct from the client area– you’ll save a massive amount of time compared to logging in to every different Wordpress dashboard

What does your online business look like?

Example: Running a Niche Blog

Use our incredibly fast servers to boost your website speed, getting a 'nod' from Google and increasing your rankings & monthly visitors!

Create awesome sales pages that easily sell your latest product idea.  Drag and drop your way to landing pages that are as amazing as your content, selling more than you've ever imagined.

Easily attach lead generating forms to your blog so you can grow your lists incredibly fast.  Use email blasts to drive traffic to your new content, products and recommendations.  Sell a TON more!

Example: Website for your brick and mortar business.

Out rank your local competition by making sure Google sees how professional and fast your website is.

See the increase in web visitors translate into more foot traffic.

Create amazing landing pages that can convert social media traffic into email leads, online customers and loyal fans.  


Build lists of your favorite customers and stay in contact with them.  

Use email to drive traffic to your website and store with specials, discounts and more.  

Example: Everything Else!

The strongest foundations.  The tightest security. As much bandwidth as you need. 

In other words, it's first-class hosting, and your site looks and feels much more professional because of it. 

Google rewards professionalism with rankings that out-perform your competition.

Websites are for information, landing pages and funnels are for conversions.

With an integrated drag and drop builder at your fingertips, your next idea can have a sales page in about 3 minutes.

Your first sale can be just 10 minutes from now.


Your very own email marketing system, built and integrated for you.  All the functionality of the big players, with none of the constraints.  Segmentation and automation, so you can talk to your customers at the RIGHT time.

Email marketing that's easy.

Email marketing is essential to any online business. But it’s expensive, time-consuming to set up and notoriously complicated to use…

That's why we've created a powerfully simple email marketing system and integrated it seamlessly into your hosting account.

Keep in touch with customers and clients, send special offers to thousands of people in a single click, and generate fresh leads for your business… all without a separate service and no complicated setup process.

Landing pages that'll convert visitors into customers.

Incredibly fast landing pages, membership pages and eCommerce sites that are designed to convert and sell more for you.

Build a page that will convert in just 3 minutes

(BTW, this site is created in Pages)

the best website building platform - insty pages

It's amazing what can happen when it all comes together.




There's nothing watching your hard work pay off in online sales.

Maybe you thought you could never make sales or launch your own product? 

We're here to tell you that you definitely can.

At Insty, we believe in helping you achieve online freedom, and you'll finally have all the tools to do it, easily.

Why ‘old-school’ hosting is not worth it anymore.

Sticking with a confusing host that doesn't care about you isn't worth the couple bucks a month you pay them.

  • Over-loaded servers.
  • Your competitors sites rank better and steal your customers
  • Site being passed over by Google for poor load times.
  • ZERO Marketing help
  • 'Yesterday' technology
  • Non-existent support that seems to want to hurt your business.
  • Website downtime
  • Insecure servers and hacked websites.

Join the team for just $1 right now.

When you sign up to insty, you'll get to try our whole system for just $1 for a full 14 days.  After 14 days, your account will bill at the normal rate below.

Joining Insty is risk free, you’re automatically covered by a 30-day guarantee.  So for the whole of your first month, if there’s anything you’re not satisfied with, you can cancel your plan and get everything you’ve paid back, with our compliments.

Choose the Insty plan that fits you best. First 14 days only $1.



/ per month

Single Domain 

  • Unlimited Site Visits*
  • Insty Managed Wordpress
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Application Installer
  • Joomla, OpenCart, etc
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Blog Posts
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • YouTube Video
  • 100 Contacts Included
  • Email Marketing
  • Collect Leads
  • Advanced Automation
  • Autoresponders


Hosting: $11.95/mo
Email Marketing: $60/mo
Lead Pg/Funnels: $25/mo

You save: $816 Year!



/ per month

Unlimited personal domains*

  • Unlimited Site Visits*
  • Insty Managed Wordpress
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Joomla, OpenCart, etc
  • Application Installer
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Blog Posts
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • YouTube Video
  • HD Audio and Video
  • Background Video
  • Amazon Affiliate Tools
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Membership Pages
  • Buyer Email Marketing
  • Subscriptions
  • 1000 Contacts Included
  • Email Marketing
  • Collect Leads
  • Advanced Automation
  • Autoresponders


Hosting: $34.95/mo
Email Marketing: $60/mo
Lead Pg/Funnels: $199/mo

You save: $3,348 Year!



/ per month

Up to 10 personal domains

  • Unlimited Site Visits*
  • Insty Managed Wordpress
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Joomla, OpenCart, etc
  • Application Installer
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Blog Posts
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Site Stats
  • YouTube Video
  • HD Audio and Video
  • Background Video
  • Amazon Affiliate Tools
  • 500 Contacts Included
  • Email Marketing
  • Collect Leads
  • Advanced Automation
  • Autoresponders


Hosting: $19.95/mo
Email Marketing: $60/mo
Lead Pg/Funnels: $47/mo

You save: $1,056 Year!

*Please see TOS for definition of unlimited/unmetered hosting metrics.

Comparisons based on:
siteground comparable hosting plan (non introductory pricing),
drip comparable email marketing plan,
leadpages comparable plan. 

Special Limited Time Bonus!

Join today and get our Insty Transformation kit for free.  Our done-for-you kit to transform your website into a profitable web presence - instantly!

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  • The words you need to change ASAP
  • Top 3 lead generating forms for WP
  • 5 highest converting landing pages

Already have hosting? Upgrade it in 3 easy steps:

We'll bring your site over, and we'll do it for free.


Choose the plan that fits you best.  Don't worry, we can always adjust later if we need to.


We'll move it, test it, and make sure it works better than it did on your old host. Guaranteed.


Your site will now be injected with Insty's marketing tools and power.  You'll love it.

Here's what people like you say about us...

“Their Hosting is amazing!

You’re not just a number, they will get to know you quickly.

- Dave Castle

Finding Insty is the BEST thing that has happened to my business since launching it 20 years ago. For someone who struggles with computer skills, this has been HUGE. ”

- Jay Wolf

Starshooter Basketball Program

Just want to give a big shout out to Insty. I raised a ticket yesterday and within 20 minutes it was sorted above and beyond my expectations.

I HIGHLY recommend Insty for their amazing support!

- Darren B. 

“... one of THE BEST business decisions I have ever made.”

- Peter Hons

“I feel like I've won the lottery! 

Support is just always there!  I'm with you guys for life."

-Colleen Roberts

The speed of the system is awesome!  I LOVE everything about Insty.

- Michael Paul

I am very happy with Insty.  I thought I was with a hosting company for marketers previously. After moving to Insty, I realised how wrong that was.  Insty is a premier service.

- Sean B

If you want trouble free, cost effective, awesome hosting with great additional features and world class support, - Look no further than Insty!

- Alan Cox

Insty is one of the best hosting companies out there with knowledge and support of the highest calibre.  As a company they bend over to make sure you are happy with your services.

The simplicity, and the fact that you guys know that as marketers we place some additional pressures with hosting and the people at Insty know this and help in any way that they can, even when the problem sometimes lies outside the realm of hosting.

I love the fact that many times Nick will reply to my question himself, and I realise that as a company grows that is not always possible, but, knowing that Nick sees many of the tickets himself is really assuring.

- Hamant K.

The best hosting, tools, and service for our Google News site.  Insty is highly recommended!

- Roberta Hill

Support is awesome and quick. The tools are very smart and really easy to work with. The whole idea of insty is awesome!

- Dr. John Penny

Insty.me cares about you as an individual customer. Nick often responds personally and takes time to help with any problem you may have.

World Class customer service is the most important thing you want from your host.

- David Blair

If Insty stopped at all of the products and services available, it would be enough.

Yet, the responsiveness of Insty's service department is beyond excellent.

When I told Nick that I needed to be able to segment my lists (which, as I see, is available now to all Insty's customers), and asked how to use Amazon's API to program it, he told me not to worry.

He did it himself.

This is just a taste of how great Nick and his service department is...

- Tarnell Brown

This really is one stop shopping. You get it all - you don't need to have several different providers to run your business.

- Leo P.

All in one System that has all the essential tools you’ll ever need online. And an incredible team behind it.

I have been online more than 3 years, I have seen many big name systems, but nothing comes near to the Insty system.

- Mubarak N

I love this service and that fact that it “just works’!

Shai Plonski 

Insty is very beginner friendly. Support is fast and often a very appreciated mini-education about my question. I think long and hard before I go with companies I consider potentially lifetime business relationships, like servers and autoresponders. The support and email for a great price keeps me sold on Insty.

Darlene E.

The platform is great and the help with technical difficulties is superb!

- Noel Templeton

Insty is great hosting and auto responder service with great 24/7 support. Insty just keeps getting better!

- Nathern Jutson

I love having everything rolled into one package for easy of access.

- Dennis Palmer

What Makes Insty's Helpful Hosting So Different?

When it comes to your website, you don't want to pour lots of time and effort into a site that struggles to get traffic, doesn't convert visitors into sales, and essentially falls flat online.  Insty is was designed to provide not only the tools that are needed, but the best support to help you get past any stuck point, and guide you to the website that you've always wanted, one that grows your business.

We know many people struggle with some aspect of their website.  They feel they can do 'most' things, but worry that they are missing crucial pieces that can have a huge impact on the overall success of their website.

Unfortunately, these days, the hosting industry is going backwards when it comes to listening to their customers and providing the basic support they are needing.  Not only that, there is a movement to buy up most major hosting companies and widdle down the technology in the back end so they can drive down prices. In the end, they offer bare bones technology, causing a very poor user experience for website visitors, and a site that Google often places very low on the priority list.

Here at Insty, we listened to our customers and created a powerful, helpful hosting suite that includes the tools successful businesses use in their online presence.  While that is great in itself, it's really the Insty support that our customers have grown to love.  

We realize that you can get hosting anywhere, but having someone right by your side, ready to help at a moments notice is a rare item these days.  We make it our goal to not only give you the best hosting and marketing tools, but to be there right by your side and help you create a web presence you can be proud of.

When you join Insty, you will have:

  1. Industry leading, next generation helpful hosting behind your website.  Custom built hosting accounts that have lots of power to get Google's attention.  Google knows a powerful site when it sees it.

  2. A web based Marketing Toolkit in your account - The best way for your company to grow is to take advantage of online marketing whenever you can.  This is a must for websites these days.  That's why we created an easy to use email marketing platform, along with our drag and drop insty.pages system, so you can easily create additional pages in your account. 

    You've heard the buzz words, Landing Pages, Funnels, Membership Pages, etc.  Most people pay lots of money and have a hard time figuring out how to link them to their website.  At Insty, not only is it included, it's actually easy.  You'll be one step ahead of everyone.

  3. A team behind you, that is rooting for your success. As I said above, this is what people love most about Insty.  

  4. The website you've always wanted. In the end, that's what's most important to us.

We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you here at Insty, and would love to answer any questions you may have.  Feel free to reach out to us at sales@insty.me, otherwise, go ahead and create your Insty account now.  Why?  So you can see what a helpful hosting account that was created for success looks like.

Come join the team. Let's win together.

I truly believe you are the most gracious, generous, and genuinely supportive customer "success" team on the planet.

As host provider for the websites of my many dream brands, and those of my clients, you really raise the standard. Whether you intended it or not your "hosting" is much more of a partnership than simply another hosting commodity.

I love and appreciate you who are Insty.

- Alysyn C.

In case you haven't noticed, we're a bit different than other hosting companies.  Some may see us as a bit different for taking our customer first, let's win together approach - and that's 100% cool with us!

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your business!

Talk soon!

Web Hosting FTW (for the win :)

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