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Your website is broken, and no-one will help you fix it.

Your website isn't performing the way you want it to.  Perhaps it's not making sales. Perhaps the leads have stopped coming in.  

Perhaps it's really slow, or just plain down and will not work at all.

You try to fix it.  Maybe you install a plugin, perhaps try a new theme, but something goes wrong.

So, in frustration and anger, you try to call support to get some help.

Unfortunately, they tell you it's your fault and they can't (or worse) won't help.

But really, how can they help you make your website successful when they hardly understand the words you are saying?

“... one of THE BEST business decisions I have ever made.”

-Peter Hons

This is how we'll help you get the most from your website.

We'll Guide You

A compassionate team behind you, and easy to follow steps to ensure success.

Your Email Marketing

Build your list of followers right now.  We make it easy, and show you how to use it to explode your business growth.

Your Successful Site

A website hosted on a rock solid platform.  Security, peace of mind, and speed is what wins the internet today. 

We have people that will help you grow your business.

We love helping you.

AND we know what tech can be like.  Don't worry, we'll try to help no matter what happens.

In fact, even Nick, our CEO, thrives on helping, so you'll probably work with him personally at some point.

“Insty cares about you as an individual customer and Nick often responds personally”

-David Blair

You'll be backed by our awesome people.

Your site will be backed by the best servers around.

"The best hosting, tools, and service for our Google News site.  Insty is highly recommended"

- Roberta Hill

Get a Good Night Sleep. We'll keep the light on for you.

You can count on your website being up. Our team never sleeps, so you can rest easy.

We want your site capturing leads and making sales, even when you sleep.

Our Hosting Accounts Are Like Those Other Guys 'VPS' Accounts

We don't even mess around with cheap, underpowered accounts.

Why? Because Google wants speed. That gets you good rankings and lots of visitors.

Why do you think the 'big guys' always rule the top spots on Google?

Our Accounts Are Custom Built To Get You Good Rankings

Your website will be secure.

We've been hosting for a while now, and have seen lots of bad stuff.

We don't want this stuff to happen to you, so we built custom software that stops it.

Added to every account, so you can relax.

““I have sites with other well known hosting companies and there isn’t a week go by without some issue.

With Insty I sometimes forget I am with them as I very rarely have issues...”

-Alan Cox

We will migrate your sites to Insty. (Easy and Free!)

"With all the unique features, add-ons and software/tools that Insty has you’re getting quality AND extras that no one else can touch!”

-Daryl Austman

We'll make

Capturing emails

so simple for you.

Because it will make your business GROW.

  • BUILT IN Email Marketing System
  • BUILT IN Landing page maker
  • BUILT IN Drag/Drop Opt-in Form Creator
  • Best Practices Guide for Email Marketing

It's the most important thing your website should be doing right now.


We created a plan for you.

Using Email Marketing to boost your site traffic & sales.

The 5 most important sections that your site must have in 2018.

Simple step by step. It's much easier with a plan.

You'll be amazed at the results.

Your website will 'check' the right boxes in your customer's brain.

Your hosting account is custom engineered so you can get through to your visitors, like the big guys do.

  • Increase Traffic
  • Convert Visitors
  • Boost Leads and Sales

What Is Your Website Worth To You?

How much is second rate hosting costing you? How long were your websites down because of some problem?

How many of your websites were passed over by Google because they wouldn't load fast enough?

How many times have you stared at your computer screen wishing someone would help?

That cheap hosting plan you have now may be costing you a great deal.

Try Insty risk free for 14 days for just $1.

14 days of Insty for just $1.  Simple 1-click cancel anytime.  Free website transfers.




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1K Marketing Emails/Day


Special Limited Time Bonus!

Join Insty today and receive our online tool suite at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

($58/month value!)

  • Insty Pages Website Builder Platform
  • Insty Engage Email Marketing Suite
  • Access to Hundreds of beautiful templates
  • Our Incredibly Successful Website Course

Free Video Course!

3 Simple Tweaks that will Greatly Increase your Website Success!

Enjoy our helpful course from the Insty team.

Yes!, You can do it yourself and have an incredibly successful site.

A message from our CEO:

I love tech, and I love helping people.  When I created Insty in 2013, it was my goal to merge those two into a service where I could get people past the 'stuck point' and help them host a successful website of their own.

Insty is more than web hosting, because you need more than hosting to have a successful website.

In fact, the idea for Insty came into fruition when I was trying to setup a website for an online product I was selling.  Even though I was a techy guy, I found it frustratingly difficult to put all the pieces in place just for that one simple website, for one simple product.  

I thought to myself, "If I struggle with this, I'm sure many other people do as well".

Well, it doesn't have to be that way, and you should never be stopped by tech.  Tech's job is to get you more sales, and make your business better.

Our goal moving forward is to be the best.  The best support you can get.  The best wordpress hosting that's made easy.  The best system for creating lead generators, landing pages, websites and more.  The best system for you to stay in contact with your followers, and generate sales quickly and easily.

It's what I love to do, so don't be surprised if I send you a message, cause together we are going to succeed!

I look forward working with you soon!

- Nick Jolin  | Founder, CEO of Insty


You'll Get All This And More

  • Help when something goes wrong.
  • Website security.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Best Wordpress Hosting You'll Find
  • The latest tools to grow your following
  • The 'Incredibly Successful Site' Online Course
  • a website that gets leads and makes sales!

A few of the folks in the Insty family:

“You guys are a 10+ on customer service! I left hostgator about 3 months ago for Insty and I’m never going back.”

-Bart Murray

“I feel like I've won the Lottery with Insty!  Thank you so much!”

-Colleen Roberts

“Finding Insty is the BEST thing that has happened to my business since launching it 20 years ago. For someone who struggles with computer skills, this has been HUGE. I trust them completely and their knowledgeable support is A+. I HIGHLY recommend them.”

Jay Wolf - owner of Star Shooter Basketball Program

Join us today.  We look forward to working with you!

Incredibly Successful Websites

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