Web hosting that helps you reach more people and make more money.

We remove the frustration of normal hosting, and help you build the online presence you've always wanted.

Feeling paralyzed by super-confusing,
overly technical and unfriendly web hosting?

"I Need More Help"  -  is what we heard loud and clear when we created Insty in 2013.

 If you've ever been paralyzed by technical nonsense, or treated with less than full dignity and respect by your website host, we'd love to invite you to something better.

Having cheap, unhelpful hosting is one thing, but when cutting corners steals money from your pocket,
that's just plain wrong.

Your website performance and visibility are VERY important.  Take a look at how we compare against some of the most popular web hosting companies in the industry.

If they don't care about optimizing their own website, what will they do for you?

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It's time to get hosting that works as hard as you do.

Better technology so your website can be properly seen by Google and dominate search engine rankings.

Support that will go above and beyond, so you can grow your business.

The best hosting - Insty.  Fastest hosting with the best support


Your Wordpress site will run better here.


Our servers are optimized to make Wordpress fly.  Also, our easy installations, auto-updates, backups and restores is managed Wordpress at it's best.

We have a totally different view on support.

Support is much more than helping you with tech problems. 
We want you to grow your business and we'll show you how to use our tools to get that done.

I truly believe you are the most gracious, generous, and genuinely supportive customer "success" team on the planet.

As host provider for the websites of my many dream brands, and those of my clients, you really raise the standard. Whether you intended it or not your "hosting" is much more of a partnership than simply another hosting commodity.

I love and appreciate you who are Insty.

- Alysyn C.

Our hosting will turn your
thoughts, dreams and ideas
into reality.


Gather followers, automate emails and sell a lot more.


Grow your lists of followers and bring in a ton more sales with the easiest email marketing platform in the industry.  


Easily build landing pages, funnels and sites that convert.


Build full websites, landing pages, membership pages, eCommerce and more - from the comfort of your hosting account. 

(BTW, they are Google magnets & this site is created in Pages)

the best website building platform - insty pages

All the resources you need, included.

Never launched a product or done marketing before?  Don't worry, we have - and we'll show you exactly how to do it.


  • Our Incredibly Successful Website Course
  • Insty Lead Generator WP Plugin
  • Hundreds of easy marketing templates.

Experience the amazing feeling of your phone 'blowing up' from online sales.

There's nothing like launching your own product and watching sales roll in.  

Maybe you thought you could never launch your own product? 

We're here to tell you that you definitely can.

At Insty, you'll finally have everything you need to launch products and make sales online without ever having to deal with multiple messy services and dis-jointed support.

A few reasons why you might not love your current host:

  • Over-loaded servers.
  • Your competitors sites rank better and steal your customers
  • Site being passed over by Google for poor load times.
  • ZERO Marketing help
  • 'Yesterday' technology
  • Non-existent support that seems to want to hurt your business.
  • Website downtime
  • Insecure servers and hacked websites.

Reach More and Make More by Signing Up Now

30 day money back guarantee. 

Simple 1-click cancel anytime. 

Free website transfers.

The best hosting starts at just 

$15 /mo

$9 /mo

Already have hosting? Make it better in just 3 steps.

We'll bring your site over, and we'll do it for free.


Choose the plan that fits you best.  Don't worry, we can always adjust later if we need to.


We'll move it, test it, and make sure it works better than it did on your old host. Guaranteed.


Better servers, better support.  The result?  The website you've always wanted.  

Boost your website sales & leads up to 5X with these 3 easy tweaks

Implement these 3 things on your website today, and see improvements tonight!

A few people that love our hosting:

“Their Hosting is amazing!

You’re not just a number, they will get to know you quickly.

- Dave Castle

Finding Insty is the BEST thing that has happened to my business since launching it 20 years ago. For someone who struggles with computer skills, this has been HUGE. ”

- Jay Wolf

Starshooter Basketball Program

Just want to give a big shout out to Insty. I raised a ticket yesterday and within 20 minutes it was sorted above and beyond my expectations.

I HIGHLY recommend Insty for their amazing support!

- Darren B. 

“... one of THE BEST business decisions I have ever made.”

- Peter Hons

“I feel like I've won the lottery! 

Support is just always there!  I'm with you guys for life."

-Colleen Roberts

What Makes Insty's Helpful Hosting So Different?

When it comes to your website, you don't want to pour lots of time and effort into a site that struggles to get traffic, doesn't convert visitors into sales, and essentially falls flat online.  Insty is was designed to provide not only the tools that are needed, but the best support to help you get past any stuck point, and guide you to the website that you've always wanted, one that grows your business.

We know many people struggle with some aspect of their website.  They feel they can do 'most' things, but worry that they are missing crucial pieces that can have a huge impact on the overall success of their website.

Unfortunately, these days, the hosting industry is going backwards when it comes to listening to their customers and providing the basic support they are needing.  Not only that, there is a movement to buy up most major hosting companies and widdle down the technology in the back end so they can drive down prices. In the end, they offer bare bones technology, causing a very poor user experience for website visitors, and a site that Google often places very low on the priority list.

Here at Insty, we listened to our customers and created a powerful, helpful hosting suite that includes the tools successful businesses use in their online presence.  While that is great in itself, it's really the Insty support that our customers have grown to love.  

We realize that you can get hosting anywhere, but having someone right by your side, ready to help at a moments notice is a rare item these days.  We make it our goal to not only give you the best hosting and marketing tools, but to be there right by your side and help you create a web presence you can be proud of.

When you join Insty, you will have:

  1. Industry leading, next generation helpful hosting behind your website.  Custom built hosting accounts that have lots of power to get Google's attention.  Google knows a powerful site when it sees it.

  2. A web based Marketing Toolkit in your account - The best way for your company to grow is to take advantage of online marketing whenever you can.  This is a must for websites these days.  That's why we created an easy to use email marketing platform, along with our drag and drop insty.pages system, so you can easily create additional pages in your account. 

    You've heard the buzz words, Landing Pages, Funnels, Membership Pages, etc.  Most people pay lots of money and have a hard time figuring out how to link them to their website.  At Insty, not only is it included, it's actually easy.  You'll be one step ahead of everyone.

  3. A team behind you, that is rooting for your success. As I said above, this is what people love most about Insty.  

  4. The website you've always wanted. In the end, that's what's most important to us.

We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you here at Insty, and would love to answer any questions you may have.  Feel free to reach out to us at sales@insty.me, otherwise, go ahead and create your Insty account now.  Why?  So you can see what a helpful hosting account that was created for success looks like.

You'll love the difference a quality webhost will make for your website.

  • Powerful reach for your message
  • Master Email Marketing
  • Recurring Revenue from Membership Sites
  • Build Email Lists of raving fans
  • Create landing pages that convert
  • Get more traffic
  • Capture more leads
  • Make more sales
  • Make more money!


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